Video Vault
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Full access to the video vault forever!!! A library of videos that will help cultivate the skills necessary to forge a career as a creative artist. Anytime you need a boost or need help focusing on something concrete and actionable for you career you can get it! It's like having the Scharff Brothers on speed dial---they are ALWAYS available! And they will be talking about exactly what you need to hear!

The video vault is easily searchable with categories like:

  • Your team
  • The Voice
  • Gigs
  • Image
  • Career Path
  • Social Media
  • Authenticity
  • Tips for quick cash
  • And of course… Must See Mentoring Moments!!!

Not everyone is going to have to time or the money to hire us to help "fix" the issues slowing down their career. But EVERYONE can afford to get HOURS and HOURS of us guiding you through specific topics in your career to save you TIME, MONEY and HEARTACHE! Some of what you'll find here is what we call "virtual artist development". You get the same pep talk and discussion we give each and every artist we have worked with over the last decade on video for you to watch and re-watch at your own pace anytime! 

The video vault is FULL of music industry instructional videos to help walk you through the important choices we, as musicians, make every day!  

Not sure what kind of gigs you should be booking? Check out the gigs section. Need some guidance about who the members of your artist TEAM should be? Check out the TEAM section. Feeling overwhelmed and low motivation? Check out the must see Mentoring Moments for guidance and a motivational boost!  

We will save you time, money and years of aimless struggle by helping you cultivate the skills necessary to forge a successful career as a creative artist. This is NOT one course! It is an ongoing mentoring community…because LIFE, and your career in the music industry, are ALWAYS in motion!

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15 minute career check in
  • 15 minute career check in
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Sometimes you just need to check with someone who KNOWS whats going on! Have a BIG decision to make? A Manager wants to sign you but you aren’t sure if they are the right one? You are offered an opening spot for a huge act and need to write the perfect set list. Want to bounce the ideas off of someone with real up to date industry knowledge to help you make a well thought out decision? This is perfect for you. A 15 minute Skype of phone call!

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1 hour Private Career Assesment
  • 1 hour Private Career Assesment
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We will spend 1 hour assessing your social presence, listen to some clips of your music, review your current career state and make suggestions to help you set up a REAL plan that you can execute to move forward! OR, you can use this hour consulting time for what ever YOU need to focus on in your career! Are you just starting out on your music career path? Great! This hour long Mentoring session can help you start out on the right path WAY faster than you peers! Avoid some of the most common early career mistakes by learning from insiders with REAL, current information!

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