In addition to the M3 community and website, the Scharff Brothers love individual/band coaching! Here is a small list of some additional consulting options for more in-depth career exploration. If you don't see what you are looking for on this list reach out directly to the Scharff Brothers and ask for what you need!


Private career assessment 

$120 (1 hour) 
We will spend 1 hour assessing your social presence, listen to some clips of your music, review your current career state and make suggestions to help you set up a REAL plan that you can execute to move forward!   



Social presence audit 

$60 (½ hour) 
These ½ hour sessions take an in-depth look at your social presence and come up with a plan to maximize for the best outcome! 



Career crisis talk 

$30 (15 minutes) 
Have a BIG decision to make? A Manager wants to sign you but you aren’t sure if they are the right one? You are offered an opening spot for a huge act and need to write the perfect set list. Want to bounce the ideas off of someone with real up to date industry knowledge to help you make a well thought out decision? This is perfect for you. A 15 minute Skype of phone call! 



Ongoing personalized developmental mentoring sessions 

$120 (1 hour) 
This is for the artist who really wants to get the most out of their music career. In depth, individualized, focused and goal oriented mentoring sessions. No more wasting time. No more pursing bad ideas. No more feeling overwhelmed and alone in your journey. Learn to be the best most authentic version of yourself! 



Producing and recording 

Do you need to record a demo? Produce a single? Put out an EP? Do a full-length release? The Scharff Brothers produce in ALL genres! If you are located in the North Eastern US record on site in our project studio. If you are anywhere else in the world you can have us Produce remotely! We will help you find a local studio to track vocals or guitars. Or easily guide you through solid home demos for basic tracks. Send those tracks to us and we do the rest in our studio! Remote recording production, it’s one of the coolest things about living in the future! 


All services available in person or via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom