Who are the Scharff Brothers

A Little History about the Brothers 

Music is in their blood ...

They were brought up listening to their grandmother Carol Richards‘ recollections of collaboration with Bing Crosby (“Silver Bells” duet), Bob Hope, Lucile Ball among others. Their father would often recount stories of being the lanky white kid hanging out with his “buddies” Muddy Waters and James Cotton in South Side clubs when the blues was everything! There was never really a choice for these brothers, music was their path. 

Music was their calling… 

They played sports, but it was the music they played that demanded attention. Appearances and victories in Battle of the Bands, endless gigs and parties culminating in a feature slot for WBCN’s “Sounds of Our Town” for Boston’s best up-and-coming bands at the once famous Channel Rock Club. But alas, keeping even a successful band together is harder than you’d think. 

And then there were two… 

While Adam and Michael would have many bandmates in the years to come, their sound was always “The Scharff Brothers”. Whether touring as an acoustic duo or a 5 piece band, their sound was distinct. Insightful, quirky, Brit-tinged pop-rock. And lots and lots of lush harmonies. This formula got them almost famous as artists…almost. 

Shut up and play… 

Ninety shows in 6 months…features at festivals…BMI writer showcases…countless glowing reviews of their music and performances in local and national press…endless miles and college gigs…an appearance on the internationally televised “Donny and Marie Talk Show” !…their song “Scary(Christopher Walken)” got how many spins on college radio!?… “Oh my God! Is that the Scharff Brothers singing the National Anthem at Fenway park!?!?!?” 

And then a voice said ‘Pro Tools will lead the way’… 

While the boys had produced themselves and others in various studios over the years, getting their first Pro Tools rig meant they had unlimited access to studio time. They continued to play shows and do short tours but the art of recording consumed more and more of their time. Production, songwriting and artist career coaching had become their main calling card by early 2009. 

And now they make everything better… 

Production and recording 
Songwriting and co-writing in all musical styles 
Artist Mentoring 
Vocal, instrumental and performance coaching 
Career counseling 
Social Media Consulting 
Full Band Coaching 
Studio Pre-Production Consulting 




The Scharff Brothers, pioneers in Virtual Artist Development, are a production team from the Northeastern US. They write, record and produce in all musical genres. The Brothers possess a unique talent and joy for artist mentoring… a forgotten skill in much of the modern music industry! 

All production, writing, recording, and mentoring is done through an authentic positive reinforcement narrative, guiding artists to a clearer picture of who they are.